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picture courtesy of Emmanuel Beviapicture courtesy of Emmanuel BeviaWelcome to Goudreau's Gallery!

Visual artist Sylvain Goudreau  welcomes you to his virtual gallery. Stay tuned to be among the first to appreciate his latest paintings, learn about his upcoming exhibitions and the latest news.

Following the expressionist movement, Goudreau's moving artworks have crossed borders and oceans, and conquered the four corners of the world.

Goudreau creates a wide variety of caricatured and expressive characters. The roughness of Goudreau's signature brush stroke and marked outlines are unique to his work. Playing with chiaroscuro, complementary colours and intensity of tones, Goudreau creates vibrant works of art. Constantly pushing his creativitiy, Goudreau likes to diversify his collections and meet new challenges by participating in numerous thematic exhibitions.