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Jamming at the Beach - 182 x 363 cm - bronze medalist for the "originality, aesthetic and technical value of his work" CAPSQJamming at the Beach - 182 x 363 cm - bronze medalist for the "originality, aesthetic and technical value of his work" CAPSQ


It is in his adolescence that Goudreau discovers the world of arts in the person of Maxime Cosma, his high school art teacher. Disinterested by school in general, young Goudreau is inspired by his teacher and discovers a new passion. Goudreau realizes the importance of art in everyday life. Each object, as grand or as innocuous as it may seem, is first and foremost the fruit of a creative mind. Goudreau chooses to pursue an art education and obtains a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University.   Holder of a teaching certificate from UQAM, Goudreau has been teaching arts for 23 years and has been painting for over 30 years.


During these years, Goudreau has participated in several local exhibitions. In 2007, Goudreau is honored by the CAPSQ and receives a bronze medal "for the originality, aesthetic and technical value of his work" entitled Before the Last Supper. At 158 ​​cm high and 244 cm wide, this painting was at the time the largest piece created by the artist. Goudreau has always seeked to push the limits of his artwork which marks the whole of his creativity. Inciting himself to surpass his previous artworks, Goudreau loves to create large-scale paintings.


During his first appearance at Artexpo New York in 2011, Goudreau's works attracted public attention and were noticed by Ward-Nasse Gallery's curator. Since then, his career has grown exponentially offering him several opportunities to exhibit abroad, take part in major projects and be published in collections of contemporary art books.


In the United States, Goudreau takes part in numerous group and international exhibitions. In 2012, Goudreau presents his first solo exhibition Moon River at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York. That same year, Goudreau's Moon River collection is presented on Times Square and is published in a third contemporary art book. 


In 2013, a series of international exhibitions begins. For the first time, Goudreau shows his paintings in Europe as he takes part in three Italian exhibitions. The following year, Goudreau's works travel to Portugal and Japan. 2014 concludes with the large-scale project Show de Bola which is presented in Piracicaba, Rio de Janeiro and Santo Amaro in Brazil.


The years 2014, 2015 and 2016 prove to be very productive for Goudreau. In 2014, the artist creates his Musical Inspirations collection comprising fourteen large monochrome paintings which he exhibites in Montreal during his second solo exhibition. In 2015, Goudreau realizes a brand new collection titled Musicology. These sixteen vibrant and colourful paintings are presented in Québec City as the artist's third solo exhibition. It is for one of these pieces that the CAPSQ highlights the work of Goudreau for the second time awarding him the bronze medal for the "originality, aesthetic and technical value of his work Jammin at the Beach" in 2016. 


Mirrors to Goudreau's creativity, the centerpieces of these two last collections are masterful. At two meters high and nearly four meters wide, these two paintings point to great things for Goudreau. A versatile artist, Goudreau's work never stagnates. Constantly in search of new inspirations and new projects, Goudreau pushes the limits of his creativity.