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Goudreau in SoHo, NY

Men in Art 2017 - Selfie & Martini (121 x 91cm / 48 x 36in)Men in Art 2017 - Selfie & Martini (121 x 91cm / 48 x 36in)

Goudreau’s two latest artworks are showcased in New York City’s Ward-Nasse Gallery. The Men in Art  exhibition runs through April 15th at the well-established SoHo gallery that opened its doors nearly 50 years ago.

Curator Leda Maria Prado not only invited Goudreau to take part in his 6th exhibition at Ward-Nasse Gallery, but is also displaying his paintings in the front window. Mrs. Prado has often praised Goudreau's work and now counts three of his pieces among her private art collection.

With Mrs. Leda Maria Prado - Big Mouth (121 x 91cm / 48 x 36in)With Mrs. Leda Maria Prado - Big Mouth (121 x 91cm / 48 x 36in)

The Men in Art exhibition is timely in Goudreau's creative journey as it reveals the first two paintings of his latest collection. His two previous collections are tinged with artistic research as he paid careful heed to his drawing technique, to the use of light and shadow, and complementarities. For these new pieces, Goudreau went back to his roots and while being guided by his work of the last three years, Goudreau created artworks that are rich in details, texture and chiaroscuro. With this collection, Goudreau renews with his long time inspiration found in the works of the German expressionist artists of the twentieth century.